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Schools have the resource to be financially sustainable. You have the resources, facilities and market on your doorstep, isn’t it time you step outside the box and create a self funding and more profitable school. No matter what sector you are in we can help you access funds from the public sector or create your own in the private sector. Its about time schools took control and showed their pupils the way forward.

Private Funding

Have you ever wondered why you pay external organisations so much? Have you ever thought you could do a better job? Are your facilities in use all year round?
There are so many options these days for schools and recent examples of our work include:


There are over 9000 different funds and grant organisations and we will help you source the best options. All the funders vary from the amount of cash and money available, with some having a grant matched option, set limit grant values or even full funds dependent on the criteria and application. Applying and locating grants to schools and finance for projects can be stressful so we can manage the whole process for you..
We help, advice, guide and y secure funds for your school project. We keep track of all the opportunities available and give you tangible solutions to the challenges you face.